Elle Brooke vs Paige VanZant on weight for 125 lbs title at MF Boxing 15

Misfits Boxing 15: Brooke vs VanZant official weigh-ins live from NRG Arena in Houston, TX

Misfits Boxing 15: Brooke vs VanZant airs live on DAZN from NRG Arena in Houston, Texas on May 25. Following the final pre-fight press conference, a day before the fight show the athletes step on the scales to make it official for their respective bouts.

In the main event, British OnlyFans model Elle Brooke defends her MF Boxing middleweight title against former UFC fighter Paige VanZant of Dundee, Oregon. To be eligible for the belt, the fighters must make the required 125 lbs championship limit.

Both fighters made weight. Elle Brooke weighed-in at 124.6 lbs. Paige VanZant also showed 124.6 lbs. The bout is scheduled for five rounds.

In the co-main event, Le’Veon Bell of Reynoldsburg, Ohio and Tristan Hamm of Canada go head to head in the MF Boxing cruiserweight title tournament quarter-finals. The weight limit is 190 lbs. The fighters tipped the scales at 188.4 lbs and 188 lbs, respectively.

Also on the card, Ree Der Moo aka “Lil Cracra” of Syracuse, New York and Elijah Smith aka “YuddyGangTV” of Phoenix, Arizona clash in the MFB lightweight interim title tournament quarter-finals. The limit is 135 lbs. Lil Cracra came in at 133 lbs. YuddyGangTV was 133.8 lbs.

Get MF Boxing 15: Brooke vs VanZant full fight card weights below.

MF Boxing 15 fight card

Main card

  • Elle Brooke (124.6) vs. Paige VanZant (124.6), 5 rounds, middleweight – Brooke’s MFB middleweight title
  • Le’Veon Bell (188.4) vs. Tristan Hamm (188), 5 rounds, cruiserweight – MFB cruiserweight title eliminator quarter-final
  • Ree Der Moo aka Lil Cracra (133) vs. Elijah Smith aka YuddyGangTV (133.8), 5 rounds, lightweight – MFB lightweight interim title tournament quarter-finals
  • Jeremy Park (168) vs. Anthony Vargas (167.2), 4 rounds, super middleweight
  • Bi Nguyen aka Killer Bee (115) vs. Silvia Fernandez (113.4), 4 rounds, super lightweight
  • Okemka Jibunor aka OJ Rose (165.8) vs. Brendan Kelly (162.4), 4 rounds, middleweight

Preliminary card

  • Alana Potocnik aka Alana Vampira (149.2) vs. Lauren Baker aka Loza (149.6), 4 rounds, cruiserweight
  • Alysia Magen (144.3) vs. Jessica Duban aka Fangs (144.6), 4 rounds, cruiserweight
Parviz Iskenderov
Parviz Iskenderov is a former Muay Thai fighter, sports manager and editor at FIGHTMAG.

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