UFC 306 set for September as Noche UFC at Sphere in Las Vegas

UFC 306: Noche UFC at Sphere in Las Vegas on Mexican Independence Day

The highly anticipated UFC event at Sphere in Las Vegas has its date and location confirmed. The PPV fight card, UFC 306 aka Noche UFC airs live on Saturday, September 14, celebrating Mexican Independence Day.

The announcement was made this past Saturday at UFC Fight Night in Mexico City.

In the recent interview with ESPN MMA, UFC President Dana White promised a sensational event.

“This year, going into Mexican Independence day, I’m going to pull off the greatest live sporting event ever done in the Sphere,” White said. “It is going to be a love letter to Mexican fighters.”

The bouts featured on the card are to be determined in the coming weeks.

UFC 306 joins UFC 303 that was also confirmed for UFC schedule 2024.

Parviz Iskenderov
Parviz Iskenderov is a former Muay Thai fighter, sports manager and editor at FIGHTMAG.

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