Misfits Boxing 13 results: Fox The G vs Most Wanted & Evil Hero

Misfits Boxing 13: Outnumbered Match live from Worldwide Stages in Nashville, TN

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Misfits Boxing 13 airs live stream from Worldwide Stages in Nashville, TN on Saturday, March 23. On the top of fight card titled “Outnumbered Match”, Fox The G goes up against two opponents, Most Wanted and Evil Hero aka “Most Evil Tag Team”.

In the co-main event, Chris Avila and Jake Bostwick square off at light heavyweight. Also on the card, Tayler Holder and DWG Earth go head to head at cruiserweight. Plus, Joey Knight faces Baby Hulk in the MFB lightweight interim title tournament quarter-final. In another quarter-final, YuddyGangTV takes on Lil Cracra.

Among the prelims, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and MoDeen clash at heavyweight. As well, Nikki Hru and Alexia Grace battle it out for the vacant MFB women’s lightweight title.

Misfits Boxing 13 live stream

United States

Broadcast: DAZN
Date: Saturday, March 23
Time: 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT
Prelims: 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT

United Kingdom

Broadcast: DAZN
Date: Saturday, March 23 – Sunday, March 24
Time: 12 am GMT
Prelims: 11 pm GMT


Broadcast: DAZN
Date: Sunday, March 24
Time: 11 am AEDT
Prelims: 10 am AEDT

Fight card

Get the full fight card and results below.

Main card

  • Fox The G vs. Most Evil Tag Team (Most Wanted & Evil Hero), lightweight – Outnumbered match
  • Chris Avila vs. Jake Bostwick, light heavyweight
  • Tayler Holder vs. DWG Earth, cruiserweight
  • YuddyGangTV vs. Lil Cracra, lightweight – MFB lightweight interim title tournament quarter-finals
  • Joey Knight vs. Baby Hulk, lightweight – MFB lightweight interim title tournament quarter-finals


  • Nikki Hru vs. Alexia Grace, lightweight – vacant MFB women’s lightweight title
  • Vitaly Zdorovetskiy vs. MoDeen, heavyweight

Misfits Boxing 13 results

The complete Misfits Boxing 13 results look as the following:

  • Vitaly Zdorovetskiy def. MoDeen by TKO (R1 at 2:58)
  • Nikki Hru def. Alexia Grace by unanimous decision
  • Joey Knight def. Baby Hulk by TKO (R1 at 2:22)
  • YuddyGangTV vs. Lil Cracra – NC (R2 at 3:00)*
  • Tayler Holder def. DWG Earth by KO (R2 at 2:56)
  • Chris Avila def. Jake Bostwick by split decision (37-39, 40-36, 39-37)
  • Fox The G def. Evil Hero by TKO (R1 at 0:55)

*Fight was ruled No Contest due to the event delay caused by a reported “threat”.

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