Khalil Rountree Jr vs Jamahal Hill off UFC 303 card due to banned substance

Khalil Rountree Jr withdraws from Jamahal Hill fight at UFC 303: McGregor vs Chandler

The contest between Khalil Rountree Jr and Jamahal Hill no longer serves as the co-main event at UFC 303: McGregor vs Chandler. LA’s light heavyweight withdrew from his June 29 bout at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas against the division’s former champion due to a banned substance he had taken.

Rountree Jr posted on social media, stating it was not done intentionally. According to the 34-year-old he was “accidentally sent a blended supplement” that contained Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

“I’m gutted to deliver this news to you all, but I will not be fighting at UFC 303 due to consuming a banned substance,” Rountree Jr posted. “I did not do this intentionally and I am doing everything I can to get this situation taken care of.”

“I was using a personalized tailored supplement service from a company that I trusted who understood my limitations in what I can and cannot take. They accidentally sent a blended supplement to me that contained banned substance called DHEA (which is prohibited at all times under the UFC anti doping policy). Only after I consumed it was it’s ingredients brought to my attention.”

The No. 8-ranked light heavyweight contender also stated he had informed UFC senior vice president of anti-doping compliance Jeff Novitzky and UFC vice president of anti-doping compliance Donna Marshall. Rountree Jr also apologized to Jamahal Hill and “you all”.

“I immediately contacted Senior Vice President of Anti-doping compliance, Jeff Noviztky and UFC Vice President of Anti-doping compliance, Donna Marcolini upon receiving that information to inform them of this matter. I’ve provided them with all of the information to show that this was not a matter of cheating or to enhance performance. Although DHEA is a non-performance-enhancing it is a banned substance therefore I am under temporary suspension.”

“My sincerest apologies to you all and to Jamahal for this unfortunate series of events. This is a huge loss and an even bigger lesson.”

Riding a five-fight winning streak, Khalil Rountree Jr (13-5, 1 NC) was expected to make his first Octagon appearance for the year. Chicago’s 32-year-old Jamahal Hill (12-2, 1 NC) remains on the UFC 303 card, with a replacement opponent being currently sought by the promotion.

The UFC 303 main event features Ireland’s former two-division champion Conor McGregor (22-6) up against Michael Chandler (23-8) of High Ridge, Missouri. The pair battles it out at welterweight.

Parviz Iskenderov
Parviz Iskenderov is a former Muay Thai fighter, sports manager and editor at FIGHTMAG.

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