UFC St. Louis video: Carlos Ulberg TKO’s Alonzo Menifield in 12 seconds

Carlos Ulberg stops Alonzo Menifield with punches at UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Nascimento

Carlos Ulberg earned a quick win against Alonzo Menifield at UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Nascimento. The fight card aired live from Enterprise Center in St. Louis, MO on Saturday, May 11.

The New Zealand light heavyweight tagged and dropped his opponent of Los Angeles with punches. The latter managed to get back on his feet, but referee Nick Berens called it a day. The fight was waved off at 12 seconds into the opening round.

With the victory by TKO, Auckland’s 33-year-old Carlos Ulberg improved to 10-1 and secured his sixth win in a row. LA’s 36-year-old Alonzo Menifield dropped to 15-4-1, which snapped his two-fight winning streak.

Beautiful,” Carlos Ulberg said post-win. “When you coming up against a guy like Alonzo Menifield – to be careful of his power, he’s got a lot of power, explosive. As long as I stuck to the game plan with my coaches Mikey, Andre and Eugene, obviously. We knew he was going to come forward. So, I just I just had to do what I had to do.”

We did expect something like that [Menifield rushed forward], but he did catch me and that woke me up and when you wake a lion up – he comes up.”

“I know I’m ranked now, but I’ve got I’ve got a bone to pick and EA Sports you be put me on the game because I want to be playing the game with myself on there and then also anybody in that top 10 I’ll destroy anybody in my weight.”

“Nothing but trying to make my way to the top. That’s it.”

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Parviz Iskenderov
Parviz Iskenderov is a former Muay Thai fighter, sports manager and editor at FIGHTMAG.

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